Being part of a Talent Pool means you will be visible to preferred employers and will receive recommendations based on your skills and experience as detailed in your profile.

You can be a member of as many Client Talent Pools as you wish. Joining the Elevate Open Market will ensure you also receive recommendations from clients who you may not have previously considered.

  • You will get an email inviting you to a Talent Pool
  • Click on the 'Join Now' button to sign up
  • If you already have a Profile you are now in the Talent Pool

Reviewing Talent Pool membership

  • Log in to your Profile and Open to the Home Tab
  • At the top you will see Talent Pool as the second tab, click on this
  • You will see a list of Talent Pools you are currently a member of and ones you have been invitied to but not yet joined
  • If you wish to leave a specific Talent Pool, click the red circle

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